Made With Paper

Made With Paper


Mala Use and a Tiny Devotions Review ›

I recently had the distinct pleasure of opening my mailbox to find a beautiful amethyst mala from Tiny Devotions. In comparison with the other malas that I own, I have to say that this…

Aparigraha Playlist ›

For my final teach in YTT, my theme was aparigraha. So, the playlist revolved around the idea of grasping/coveting. The first half(ish) was about how it leads to suffering and the second half was…

Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit ›


Image by Island Vittles

I’ve posted before about how much my family loves refried beans and the method I use to make them. My youngest (11) calls it “bean paste” and has become…

The Yoga Trifecta ›

The VeganAsana does not support horse racing, but does like horses.

In the hours between getting home from work last night and going to work this morning, I took three vigorous vinyasa…

I Said I Do Yoga; I Did Not Say I’m a Saint ›

As you know if you read The VeganAsana regularly, I’m currently wrapping up yoga teacher training. Most of the people I spend my time with are aware that I have been going through this training. And…

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu ›

My thoughts go out today to all of those recovering from natural disaster, relational problems, medical issues, personal loss, political and social strife, and financial crisis.

Loka Samasta…

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The Gunas are Coming to Get You! ›

Quick! RUN! No, not into the basement without a flashlight in your sheer white nightgown, you fool!

Ahem. Maybe a few too many horror movies as a teen? Anyway, the gunas aren’t coming to…

Teaching – So Sweet ›

Yep, I looked JUST like this!

I taught my “final teach” today in yoga teacher training. It’s hard to believe that we started the program at the beginning of October, because it seems…

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